2 comments on “Tiger Bay State Forest by Joey using the Holga 120N

  1. These are really really beautiful! And the toning is gorgeous!
    Yes, the Holga is a stunning camera, I love mine!
    Have you tried the little plastic macrolenses to it? I bought mine from Lomography for €10, and just love the results.
    I’m in awe of your darkroom!!! I want one too!! 😉
    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Marie. I really appreciate your comments. The toning really did lend to the images. I really loved the “olde tyme” look it gave to them.

      This was my third roll of film using the Holga. On the first two I did not use the mask and that gave some really funky results so I decided to use the square format mask.

      On the third roll I got the 6 images out of 12 (yes one was the white cow in a blizzard lens cap left on shot – ha ha)

      I do not have any of the macro lenses yet but they’re on my wish list.

      I am absolutely thrilled with my little Holga. Takes me back to a time when life was simple.

      We spend a lot of time in our “batcave” darkroom, especially when we were trying out Lith developing. Two hours per print with very mixed results. Still all very exciting.

      Enjoy the weekend. I smell another film shoot in our immediate future:-)


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