3 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA – More Holland (Joey)

  1. Wonderful, Joey! So sorry about the fogging, but how can that be avoided? If you want to bring some films with you from home, perheps it is difficult to buy on location, photograph, and take it back home again. That’s how it must be done, right?
    Do you have any tips how to avoid x-ray fogging, other than ledbags and manual looking through by the customs staff? (I’m going to NY next year and it is already troubling me…)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Marie, I asked for manual inspection and that was refused. They employ such idiots at those security check points. I had the film in my luggage on the way over. Checked luggage also goes through x-ray, so I know it got a dose of radiation then. On the way back I carried the film with me but was refused manual inspection as they state everywhere that the x-ray does not harm film under 800 iso. I can tell you from experience that it does. Marks suggest that you might want to buy your film in NY. There are plenty of analog film places that cater to us film photographers. One that we use a lot is B&H Photo which is in NY city. I will send you the address before you leave. Let me know when you’re going. Not sure if your country is part of the EEC and uses Euros but if you do, the exchange rate makes that a viable option. He also suggests having it developed before heading back. I know that is the part you enjoy doing, but if you want to be sure not to have damaged film in the end, it might be the best bet. Lead bags are another way to go. That will cause the item to show up as a big blob on the x-ray and will force the inspector to open the bag and inspect it manually. If you use lead bags in checked baggage, be warned they will open the bag when it goes through the x-ray and you won’t be around to watch what happens. I’ve heard horror stories of items going missing. Not sure I want some unknown to go through my things. Hope I haven’t given you more stuff to worry about but it’s better to know everything beforehand.

      Enjoy the weekend.


      • Thank you very much Joey, you are so kind.
        Yes, that seems to be the best thing to do. I know of B&H, we are actually gonna live just a couple of blocks from them. I didn’t think of the development, but that is very smart!
        No, we have the Swedish Krona, and it is very strong right now, so USD are quite cheap at the moment… Hope that’s the case next year too…. 😉
        Enjoy your weekend too!

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