4 comments on “The Front Porch at Princess Place Preserve (J)

  1. Its good for us to slow down every now and then and just enjoy the day for what it is. Letting go of our stress. Certainly not an easy thing to do by any means, but something worth the time.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Culver, I like to speak to you about the professional use of this photograph but I cannot seem to find a direct email address (sorry, its before coffee. I’m surprised I found my shoes.) Please contact me at your earliest convenience. -S.Miles

    • Mr Miles,
      Thank you for the consideration. The image is Joey’s and she is overseas visiting her ailing mother. As soon as she returns (approx 10 days) we will contact you ref the use of the image if that is OK. Please email me at skramc@yahoo.com so we can contact you directly.
      Thanks again.

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