9 comments on “Wednesday’s Post of Princess Place Preserve (J)

  1. Oeee!!!! What a great setting for a halloween party – wouldnt wan’t to get stuck there in the dark without a torch!

    In Afrikaans we call the hanging moss “Ou Man se Baard” = Old Man’s Beard.

    • You are so right. I remember the Afrikaans, although haven’t heard it in so long. I had forgotten that we had Ou Man se Baard over there as well. I think it would really look extremely spooky with nothing but a torch to light the way. Just thinking of Afrikaans, I miss biltong and boerewors, neither of which I can find over here:-)

      • Sjoe ja, sonder biltong en boerewors sal Suid-Afrika darem n baie anderster plek wees!


        Translation: Sjeesj yes, without biltong (traditional meat snack, salted and dried) and boerewors (traditional sausage) South Africa would be a very different place!

  2. Amazing moss, wonderfully captured!
    In Sweden we have similar to these, but not at all this big. You can find them hanging from trees in old forests, but I find it very hard to photograph. But with your great inspiration, I might try it in close up images…
    Hmmm, very very interesting and so beautiful, thanks as always for great inspiration!

    • Oh Marie……old forests. I would love to be with you when you photograph there. I love old forests. They can be so mystical. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I do love nature and the hanging moss, so prevalent to this area, makes for great inspiration. It looks so beautiful when it’s backlight, or it can look downright spooky when you see an old tree with all the moss hanging from it. Kind of like ghostly apparitions:-) Looking forward to seeing your moss images. I’m glad I’ve provided you with inspiration.


      • Oh, and I would love some company, believe me! 🙂
        I guess I’m taking my forests for granted, or at least I have done so. Gonna change that, hehe..
        But sadly, I live in a country whose government think that clearcutting is beneficial for the forest …
        How stupid is that? But it is of course money and power that is the basis for such idiotic statements. But we are suffering badly from all clearcutting, for decades.
        Real virgin forest is not easy to find anymore, but there are still quite a lot of good forests, though not ancient.
        And I am so incredibly happy that you and Marks and several other bloggers here have helped me see that, and I think I have found a really nice project to tackle, what do you think about that?
        Yes, you and Marks are great inspiration for me, and I appreciate that very much.
        Have a lovely day Joey, and please give my regards to Marks.

      • Hi Marie,

        To a certain extent our state also believes in clear cutting. The upside to that is that they do replace those trees that they cut down. It does take several years for those new trees to mature but at least they’ve done something to compensate. It is so sad that government cannot see the downside to the clear cutting as it obviously causes all sorts of environmental problems.

        Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. Both of us are so glad, as well as humbled in a way, that we have provided inspiration. It’s great that you’ve found a project and we can’t wait to see the results. Both of us love to spend time in our forest areas. We don’t stick to the paths and most of the time you’ll see us wearing snake boots as there’s a lot of snakes in our forested areas as well as in the open. In fact we have a couple that live in the garden. They are not the poisonous variety and are, therefore, allowed to stay.

        Enjoy the rest of your evening Marie.


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