4 comments on “Tree Tuesday (J)

  1. Palm Trees are a reminder of warmer climates thats for sure. There are a few in and around Seattle though, mostly in people’s landscaped yards, and I must say they just look out of place under the constant gray skies of fall/winter/spring. Happy Tree Tuesday 🙂

  2. Just what I need right now, thanks a lot Joey! 🙂
    It is beautiful, and sure gives a feeling of summer and sun.
    It is Wednesday here now, (sorry for that, but I didn’t find this in the reader yesterday….) and it is snowing like h..l , we’ve got about 40 cm this past night, and it’s just going on and on…..
    No post, no busses, no taking my car out at all today, just handle the snow and walk the dogs, and they don’t want to go out either….. No camera out either, should need a submarine house in that case…. 😉

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