11 comments on “Wild Florida (M)

  1. The image of the sow with her piglet captures the impression of movement and speed beautifully – looking at it you almost expect them to turn towards or away from you at any second! And it is great to hear that wildlife is thriving in Florida despite all the pressure humans are placing on the environment and that people like you and Marks who have an appreciation for it are rewarded with sightings like these!

  2. I agree with the commenter before. That first image of the hogs rushing through the trees, very compelling. Definitely a different view of Florida – and for that, I thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind comment. That image was captured seconds after mama hog had caught our scent and she wasn’t about to stand around and pose with her babies. She was on the fly with her brood. Marks was pretty much shooting from the hip to capture the moment. 😉

  3. Reminds me of the day I met a moose mama at Yellowstone. I can imagine how happe you were she headed in the other direction when she left 🙂

    Love the first one, very dynamic!

  4. I agree with those above me, the first image of the mother and her baby on the move is fantastic. The rushed blurry nature of the shot, creates real feeling of danger and uncertainty. Two emotions I’m sure the bore was feeling as you approached it with your camera. Enjoyed reading about your adventures into the wilds of Florida, and the importance of wearing snake boots 🙂

    • Thanks for the very nice comment.

      It’s always great when a photo evokes and emotion. They are quite fast and if you jump them up you have to be fast with a camera and in this case i got lucky.

      The wild hogs around here can be dangerous if you’re not careful. I grew up in the woods and kind of know what to look for in their reactions. The one thing you don’t want to happen is to get between a sow and their babies. They get down right vicious.

      Glad you are liking our blog and our “adventures” in to the wilds of Florida

      Again thank you for your comment.


  5. There’s no doubt that this is a side of Florida most of us up north don’t picture. I usually do think of beach towels and flip flops … lol. I do know from my son who lives in Key West that there is all kinds of wildlife (like the little Key deer)and some pretty intense nature.

  6. Yikes…. We have them too, en masse….. I try to learn my dogs to watch out for “angry pigs” when we go to our forest… Have never seen them, but I see daily tracks of them..
    The hunters aren’t too pleased with them either, they seems to be hard to get to.

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