7 comments on “Treemendous Tree Tuesday by Joey

    • Happy Tree Tuesday to you Marie. I think that hut would be welcome to you right now in the snow….right? Hope you’re getting some relief from the snow and the cold. We’re still blistering at 24 degrees but we’re waiting on a cold front to cool things down a bit. Doesn’t sound quite fair does it?

      Have a great evening.:-)

  1. Just read a Q&A with you on another blog and really found you both interesting. I’ve been wanting to get into film photography for a long time but not sure how to get started. Everything seems so expensive compared to digital. Any tips on getting started for cheap?

    • Thanks for visiting our blog. Glad you found us. Digital is more prominent and therefore hyped at being cheaper. Cheaper isn’t always better. You can find excellent used cameras, lenses etc., at KEH.com. We bought several used items from them without any problems whatsoever. Film can still be developed quite easily in your bathroom, or if you don’t want to fuss with it, your local drugstore (Walgreens etc) still develops film. If you have them develop the film only, i.e. you get the negatives, you can scan those into your computer (you will need a film scanner – we use an Epson V500 for example. There are others on the market). A lot of people get into film that way. Scanning negatives also means that you will probably have to edit them in a photo editing program as they quite often have dust on them and the levels (brightness and contrast) will have to be adjusted somewhat. Let us know if you need any further information. We are always happy to help.

      Marks and Joey

      • Thanks for your reply! Is there a film supplier you recommend? I’m worried that I’ll go shoot several rolls of film, have them developed, and realize that nothing came out as I intended. I wouldn’t mind starting out on cheap film, if possible. I haven’t used a film camera in ages, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought film from anywhere other than a drugstore 🙂

      • Hi, We normally shoot Ilford HP5 or Ilford FP4 B&W film. WE get our film from freestylephoto.biz or bhphotovideo.com. If you want to shoot color film then we suggest Fuji film. or if you want B&W but do not want to develop it yourself then Ilford XP2 is the answer. It is developed in color processing so any lab can do it. Do not be afraid to just shoot film, because nobody makes every frame a perfect image. I’m happy if I get 3 “perfect frames” out of a roll of 15 frames. Hope this helps.

        If we can be of any other help in your photography venture then you can contact us at skramc@yahoo.com just put rascal wordpress in the subject line.

        Marks and Joey

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