4 comments on “A Walk on the Wild Side of Florida

  1. Such amazing, ancient trees… LOVE them, and you’ve captured them so very beautifully! You do them great justice.

    I’ve been seeing more “Tree Tuesday” posts from other bloggers, and I think I may have to take part — my trees are yearning to branch from my poor computer. 🙂

  2. Wow, the second image looks just like a Swedish moose head!! 😀
    The first one is gorgeous!! It must be a wonderful place to wander around and photograph in….
    I’m so longing to be able to walk in “my forest” again soon, it is not possible due to too much snow with water underneath, so I just have to wait for dryer and warmer weather again.
    Have a lovely day, both of you!

    • Thanks Marie. It is beautiful, and even Florida has those grey days that just aren’t great for any type of photography. We’re hoping that by next week we’ll be able to get out and do some more photography. Although, having said that, there’s that backlog of toning just waiting on us……No rest for the wicked. You have a wonderful evening.


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