9 comments on “Adventures in Lith Printing

  1. What a difference in these prints! No wonder you were tearing your hair out trying to develop at technique with consistant, reliable yet pleasing results! This has been an incredible journey for you both, but your look has been well worth the time and frustration you went through.

    • Thanks sis. It was fun trying out the lith and the results can be beautiful. You just have to have patience and money. When you’re trying to get consistent results, it can wear both really thin.

  2. These are gorgeous, I especially like the two last ones, great work!
    The book you mention is my current evening reading… And I can’t wait to start my own trial with lith printing…. 😉
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Joey and Marks!

    Wow, though these photographs differ so much from the split-toned images you’ve been creating the style is still uniquely yours! These look like photographs from an old newspaper found in a wild west ghost town – I’m almost looking around to see what the headlines were!

    Have a nice day!


    • Hi Dries,
      Thanks so much for the kind comment. I wish you could see the lith print in person. The digital doesn’t really do it justice. The results are totally inconsistent in the tones and graininess. I do love the look but not the amount of time spent staring at a tray in the darkroom under red light. You are right, they would look great in some old newspaper with the headline “The Stories I could Tell”. 😉
      Stay well and enjoy the day.


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