5 comments on “The Other Half

  1. What is split toning? I love the tones here and in your other images. Folks try desperately to achieve those tones with mouse clicks. 🙂 It thrills me to know that you create them. The life of the old tree is a beautiful metaphor.

    • Hi George,
      Thanks so very much for your kind comments about our work. After the prints is developed in Ethol LPD paper developer (our favorite). Then using a bleach we bleach away a little of the high lights and some of the mid tones. Then using sepia toner, which brings back what was just bleached in a brownish tone, the prints is immersed until we like the tone. Sepia can give brown, brown/purple and even slightly pink tones depending on time in solution. Then the print is put into selenium toner, this sets the blacks in the print to their maximum. Thus the split tone of using 2 toners. We do this in the hope that it will set our work apart from others.


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