7 comments on “Tree Tuesday Rolls Around Again (Find the hidden heart in this image)

  1. what a beautiful old tree, you can almost see the different weather conditions it has gone through in its life so far.
    happy tree tuesday!

    • Thanks very much. I was just looking at your beautiful butterfly. Are you enjoying these breezy conditions? I’m ready for some warmer sunshine. Guess we can’t complain because some people have had snow on the ground for some time now. Have a great day.


      • It is CRAZY windy here right now! But, you are right I can’t complain too much… I remember Jan/Feb in WV… I could only fantasize about being in Florida with temps in the 60’s. My family up north has 11 degree weather with winds gusting to 20mph right now!! Brrr…

      • My poor mom is in Holland with temps in the minus digits as well and snow with ice underneath. She is disabled and uses a walker and hasn’t been able to get outside in weeks. We can’t complain (although we do and we will). 😉

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