10 comments on “Communing with Nature

  1. wow, sounds fantastic and exhausting but worth it! it’s strange to see photos in colour on your blog, i’m looking forward to the potos you took yesterday!

    • Hi Evelyn,

      I know…..color? Iphoneography at its best (or worst).

      I can’t say that either of us is a fan of this type of image but we wanted readers to get an idea of what it really looks like. Don’t worry this is not a trend we’re going to stay with. Unlike some, who regularly post “foot” or “food” images proudly taken with their i-phone, we’re going to stick with black and white film.

      Stay warm and have a great day.

      Marks and Joey

  2. A fun post. Looks like you two were having a good time. Gotta stay in shape for the e monster and this looks like a good way to do it! It’s nice to see a little green too. How did you know I needed that today? Outside here we’ve a fresh batch of snow and everything is white. Most of the mountains are socked in tight – might as well be flatlanders today!

    • Thanks sis. Just back from 9 miles on the bike. That’s about all I could manage. It’s so beautiful out though, I didn’t want to work out on “Evil Elliptical” today. Temps are creeping up through the 70 degree mark. Jealous yet sis? Robins visited the bird bath yesterday. Spring in the air?

    • Thanks, we had a nice time. Got a little tired after packing in all our equipment, but it is worth it. We’re headed back out here again tomorrow morning.
      Thanks again and have a good day..

      Marks and Joey

  3. Fantastic environment. That tree is absolutely humongous!!
    Btw, wonder if it is possible to knock a angry wild hog with the tripod? We have them here too, and I always have to be careful with my dogs when I’m in the woods with them….
    Take care!

  4. Hi Joey and Marks

    It’s Monday morning in South Africa, I’m sitting at my desk in my office looking at this post of yours and going green with jealousy! Enjoy every second outdoors!


    • Ah Dries, you poor working soul. I just bet you’re eating your heart out as we prepare to go back to the woods this morning. It’s shaping up to be a warm day though and that will make it hot in the woods. We will thinking of you toiling away in your office and send you lots of nature thoughts so you can experience them in your mind. I just wish there were animals to see. I do so miss that. Have a good day, friend.


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