3 comments on “Another Sneak Peek at our Toning Tests

  1. Very very interesting, thanks a lot for sharing!
    Did you mix your copper toner yourself from ingredients, or did you buy a “finished” product?
    Why I ask is just because I have not found the product “copper toner” ( and or bleacher) here in Sweden, and I’m very interested to try this, after reading a chapter called “Bleach and Re-development games” in the book The master photog Lith Printing course, by Tim Rudman. I have found Cupric sulfate, but have to get a permission to use Sulphuric acid concentrate…..It all feels a bit complicated, it would have been sooooo much easier with a product to use….
    Do you have any tips what to do?

    • Hi Marie, Marks is busy developing film this morning. He will send you all the information on chemicals etc in an e-mail, if that’s ok with you. We have to register certain chemicals with EPA (Environmental Protection Act) and Hazmat (Hazardous materials). So far none of the chemicals we are using fall under those guidelines. He’s going to go into more depth as far as the chemicals are concerned. You might want to start by checking to see if you have any agencies in Sweden that govern the use of photographic chemicals and can give you a list of those that can be used for a home darkroom without any problems. Once Marks is done in the darkroom he will send you a pretty detailed e-mail on chemicals etc. For now I would say, don’t let it boggle your mind too much. We will both help you as much as we can. Marks is a great source of knowledge and always willing to share and help.

      Thanks so much for all your comments. We’ve been having a lot of fun in the darkroom with the toning and so glad that you like the results. I shot some studio work yesterday which I can’t wait to see and share with you. Keeping fingers crossed as that film is what Marks is developing this morning.

      Have a great weekend.:-)

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