9 comments on “Terrific Tree Tuesday in Split Tones

    • Hi Sara, thanks for your kind comment. We don’t do any color photography. Ours is all monochromatic and all film. To my eyes, color actually takes away from the detail in the image. I find myself concentrating on the color instead of the detail. But to each their own. The only color you will ever see on this blog will be those images we’ve taken of some work in progress, either in the darkroom or out in the woods. We really hope you’ll continue to visit though and, maybe, in time, you will appreciate the monochromatic look. 😉

      Have a great rest of the day.

      • I’ve heard that monochrome makes you focus more on detail but I don’t know much about photography. I just like colors because I like colors. I’m not very professional or knowledgeable about these things. I’ll definitely check out some of your other photography. I think black and white is probably a tough type of photography to master because you’re depending more on composition than color. It looks great if done right.

      • Hi Sara, thanks for your comments. You’re right about B&W a being a tough photography and composition definitely the better part of the photo. We love the challenge to “get it right”. Thanks so much for checking out our blog and he really hope you will return to look at out work.
        Marks and Joey

  1. Sorry about the false start above. Hit the post key by accident. I found your blog thru Saltypalette. I really like B & W photography and I will be following you. Nice shot of the tree.

    • Hi David, Glad you checked us out and like what you found. I just checked on your site.. very nice. I particularly like the dried wood photo. Course we’re sort of prejudice for wood and trees as you can see. Your the next on our follow list for sure.
      Marks and Joey

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