3 comments on “Moersch Tanol and Carbon Toning Test

  1. The scan looks fantastic – I can only imagine how good the print must look. I bought some two bath staining developer a while ago (Barry Thornton’s ‘DiXactol’). I used it a couple of times but never had the chance to print the negatives (which are now missing presumed thrown out!) Unfortunately it’s been opened for a while and I’m afraid it’s now dead. Looking at your print makes me wish I’d put it to better use.

    • Thanks John for the nice comment. I used all the other developers for years finding Xtol the very best for our style of photography. Then I tried Staining dev and wished I had started this years ago. The sharpness and acuity and tones are so good I can’t explain them. We’re off to the woods in the AM to shoot some more and can’t wait to soup them.

      Take care,

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