9 comments on “Infrared in the Holga

    • Thanks Jesus. I’ll be posting a few more in the next few days which I think turned out better. When I saw how thin the negatives were, I knew I’d messed up so am pleased I still got some type of result. I do like my little Holga. It just sets me free from technology which is welcome at times. Have a great rest of the day.


  1. Nice result! Looking forward to see your result with the filter too.
    I’m waiting for something to start growing here so I can go out and try this too. To early yet though…

    • Thanks Marie. Hoping for some better results when I actually get it right and remember I have to be on “bulb” setting. Just waiting for another good day to try out the new filter. Meanwhile I’ll send you some sunshine in the hopes that something will start growing. 😉


  2. Hey, these turned out great! I’m happy to see you got some fantastic results on your first IR attempt! It’s also good to know that SFX film with a red filter can yield nice images. I recently picked up a fisheye lens for my canon ae-1. It has several built in filters, including a red one that I’m planning to use with IR film. I’d love to attach my R72 to the fisheye lens, but this simply isn’t possible so I’ll have to try out black and white IR with the red filter. I’m not entirely sure of exposure times and f stops just yet since I’m only familiar with the R72 opaque filter, but I’m sure through some research and trial and error I’ll figure it out. Anyhow, congrats on these shots and I look forward to seeing more! Take care ~

    • Thanks Patrick. I was totally astounded, especially after I saw those ultra thin negatives. Live and learn. Envious of your fisheye lens. I would love one of those. You know you might want to see if you can somehow creatively rig that filter up to your fisheye (step rings might do it), although I’m sure you will get good results with the red filter. Yes, it’s all a case of trial and error with the exposure and f stops. Bracketing shots helps, obviously. I’m going to try that next time and see how that works out. Hope you like the one I posted today because I think that one turned out pretty darned fine considering plastic camera with plastic lens and #25 red filter taped to the front. See how creative I can get. Have a good one.


      • Yes, I really liked your latest IR post. Nicely captured! Well, I’ve considered rigging the R72 filter up to the fisheye lens but I don’t think it’s going to be possible. First off, I’ve got a 52mm R72 filter and the fisheye lens is massive – I think 76mm. So If I got step rings I’d be blocking off a huge portion of the image. Then, the fisheye lens is curved so even if I could get a big R72 filter on it, there would be unfiltered light spilling in from the sides. Anyhow, I might try to figure something out but it’s not looking too great. I’ll have to test out shooting with the built in red filter. By the way, the fisheye lens wasn’t cheap and I can’t really believe I bought it…however it’s really cool! I couldn’t resist the urge to pick it up.

        Also, I was able to attach the R72 filter to the Holga without taping it up. I picked up a 48-52mm step up ring which I gently threaded into the Holga’s soft plastic lens barrel. From there, I used a 52mm R72 filter to attach to the step up ring. I keep that ring in there permanently ( which doesn’t affect the image when shooting regular film without the filter ) and just pop on the R72 when needed.

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