9 comments on “Fresh from the Darkroom

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. That little rascal didn’t want to sit still for too long, so I focused in one place, crossed my fingers and waited. This image doesn’t do it justice. The print has the wing veins and details in it. Tanol is a remarkably fine grain film developer.

    • And you always know just the right thing to say sis. Now I wish I’d thought of that. You are right though. This new film developer is making our images crisper, cleaner, edgier than we could ever have imagined.


  1. Hi Marks and Joey!

    Wow, how I wish I could see the silver gelatin versions of these beautifully sharp images – it’s as if you could reach out and touch the subjects.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the two of you are extremely talented photographers, and your passion shines through in your work!

    Have a great week dear Culvers!

    (We have a short workweek to get through – heading back to Kruger Park on Friday 😉 )


    • Hiya Dries,

      Now you had to tease me with the parting statement….right? I so wish both of us could be there with you. I have always longed to show Marks the beauty of Africa, not just on a National Geographic show on TV but in real life. The sights, the sounds, the smells.

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment as always. We’re both humbled and happy that you enjoy our work. I do wish that there was a way to show the print instead of having to convert it to digital. It does have a 3 dimensional look to it. The edges are sharp and defined. The veins on the butterfly’s wings are clearly defined. That tanol film developer is really making our film so much more defined. Just loving these results.

      Marks is going to be working on some film he took of myself and our eldest kitty boy, Bucky. Bucky has become incontinent and we wanted something to remember him by if and when he wanders over the rainbow bridge. Other than his “leaky” problem he is happy and healthy with clear eyes and a good appetite. So the minor inconvenience will be just that. We keep wee wee pads on the bed and chairs. Change those out when he has an accident. He’s just an old boy so like any other member of the family you just deal with the problem. It’s another reason we haven’t been posting a lot lately. I seem to be doing a lot of laundry these days. 😉

      Have a great short week dear de Wet family. So happy you’re going to Kruger. Will be with you in spirit.


      • Hi Joey!

        We’re looking forward to meeting Bucky here in the blogworld – he’s a lucky old man to have a family that cares about him the way you and Marks do!

        Stay safe, happy and healthy till we talk to one another again


  2. Great work again folks. I’d love to be able to see the actual prints – I can only imagine how great they look. Just out of curiosity, what size are your prints?

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the very nice comment. We do our printing on 8×10 and sometimes 11×14. Our scanner does a really fine job, but it still loses something in the translation. We do not do any post processing in the computer except for any dust removal. So what you see is what you get. On this print the veins and the translucent markings of the butterfly are easily visible and I guess the scanner just can’t see it.
      Thanks again,

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