9 comments on “Florida Cedar

    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ve been experimenting with split grade filtering. Found this to really do great things with the highlights without blowing them out. Developing film in Tanol makes for very very fine grain.
      Keep shooting.

      • We always shoot the entire roll of film the same day. Marks has something about a film staying in the camera so………We sometimes shoot a couple of rolls in one day each and then Marks can retreat to his “mancave” aka “the darkroom” where he can dabble in chemistry. I help him with the toning but that’s about the extent of my work in the darkroom. It does take a lot of commitment to put something on film, so I know where you’re coming from. With digital you know straight away if your “vision” is a hit or miss. Then you can shoot again. I am still at the stage where I hope for a hit and then am pleasantly surprised when I do get good shot or two out of one roll. So pluck up the courage, wait for a day with good weather and go for it.


      • Thanks Joey, that’s very sound advice. I love the idea of Marks’ “mancave” 🙂 I’m afraid my film, whenever it’s safe and ready – will be entrusted to the developers. I have monochrome film so that may allow more scope with the weather.

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