19 comments on “Self captured by Marks

    • Oh Mike, it’s gorgeous weather here right now. Light breeze, blue skies and just the right temperature. Unfortunately, we’re heading for the hot months so that will find us trying to be totally creative indoors in the air conditioner. Meanwhile I’m going to send you some of this wonderful sunshine. 🙂


  1. Love it! Jerry is also camera shy and almost impossible to capture on camera. Very frustrating. However unwilling you might have been, it’s a really good picture. You look happy and in your element! Must be all the mud baths…

  2. No matter how hot it may be down here…. PANTS! Tall hiking boots! At least for the kind of hiking I do! 🙂 And when I’m cocky, and wear long shorts? Sigh.

    • I hear you. We just got back and it was hot ….sigh….already so early in the year. My camo pants are the only thing I wear in the woods, plus my snake boots and they come up to my knee. Today we saw hog, deer and one gopher turtle. Was trying out the infrared so am dying to see if I got anything or need to go back to the drawing board!!

      • Oh JOY!!!

        I’ve been trying to get a good shot of a gopher tortoise for a project I’m working on…. I hate to disturb them, so my shots are *crappy.* But you had such a great trip!

        For the serious FLA hikers / adventurers, ya gotta be smart. On my hike on Sunday, I quite nearly stepped on a snake… Poor thing, I would’ve felt horribly! He was harmless, but would have still bit, of course.

      • Would you believe that I had no film left when we came across this wonderful gopher turtle? We were heading back to the car and there he was sunning himself in the middle of the path. I’d never seen one this huge! So fabulous. We also smelled a strong rattlesnake presence but they didn’t show themselves. Whenever I smell that strong scent they emit I’m truly thankful for my snake boots.

        Have a fantastic weekend.


      • Ah, DRATS for you!! Gopher tortoises are the sweetest things!!!

        Only once have I heard a rattler on my hikes down here, and like you I never saw him. Phew. 🙂

        Thanks, hope you’re having a grand weekend as well!!

      • Grand weekend indeed!!! Just got back from our 6 mile hike scouting for more photographic opportunities. Must’ve timed it just right. The hog were out in force today. We even got a mock charge from a mama hog as a warning as she had little ones with her. We tried to get some digital shots of them with our point and shoot but they are so well camouflaged that it proved to be virtually impossible. So we got a cute shot of a round little black behind, another of a couple of feet under the palmetto bush. I can tell you that most were black and a couple were reddish brown. One of them had a distinct razor back. Marks was busy trying to protect me while I was all for trying to get a shot of them. Also saw deer hightailing it (pun intended) and raccoon (he was huge….the biggest I’ve seen in a while). Darn if it isn’t getting hot already. If it weren’t for the nice breeze blowing we would’ve fried. Now I’m officially pooped but we did find some lovely areas to photograph. Mission accomplished. You have a great rest of the day.


      • OH how wonderful!!!

        Once, eons ago, my ex and I were mock-charged by a VERY large male protecting his family. We were waaaaay out there. They’re incredibly huge and intimidating — especially since, as a child, I was chased by a feral hog on the island I was raised. Of course, I looked for the nearest tree to climb. Ummmm…. Nothing but slash pines! Hahahah!

        What a day you had, though! Just marvelous! 🙂

      • It was exciting even though we weren’t far from the car on the way back from our hike. The mental image of you trying to climb a slash pine……LOL. That could’ve been me. It’s getting hotter by the day and the recent rains aren’t helping any!!! Before long we’ll be holed up either in the house or in the darkroom…….sigh!!

      • I know!! I’m getting sad about it… UGH. Stupid hot weather, hahahha!!!

        I tried a mellow hike / walk on Sunday, at Blowing Rocks Preserve. Two or three miles? By the time I made it back to the car, I was a hot mess. 🙂 It’s so nice to get out, regardless.

      • So agree. It is nice to get out. We came home that day with a few ticks that decided they wanted to come home with us. ;-( Horrible little seed ticks. Still it won’t keep us home. Blowing Rock Preserve? You’re just down the road from us.;-)

      • Well, BR is about an hour north of me. 🙂

        UGH UGH UGH ticks!!! HATE them. I know though, I’ve started doing tick checks as well.


      • Are you enjoying all this rain we’re getting? Both of us are suffering from cabin fever and the need to get some sunshine on our bodies.

        Enjoy the weekend.


      • Ohhhh…. Well, I work in the weekdays, fortunately. But I’m looking for another hike as I type this!! 🙂

        We got some SERIOUS RAIN! WOW!

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