10 comments on “Our Special Little Furbaby

  1. Joey, he looks perfectly content in your arms, even if he didn’t want to be in the studio.
    (I think he has ‘your eyes’ ! LOL ) Beautiful shot, Marks…You did well.

    • Thanks Laurie. Yes, I think you’re right he does have my eyes LOL. He’s such a sweetie pie. Everyone at the vets office loves him because he is such a good boy. Glad you liked it.


  2. Awww! What a sweet pic! Bucky is a doll, those white whiskers just set off that cute lil’ face. It’s great to hear that you have such patience and love for him while he goes through this. Cats know what’s up and I’m sure he appreciates your loving care 🙂

    • Thanks Salty. Bucky is a very special boy. He was the product of someone moving away and leaving their cats behind, unfixed to fend for themselves. He was born in the wild but has always had this wonderful sweet nature. I rescued him when he came along with a broken leg many years ago. After spending time confined in a cast (and many vet bills later) I told him he was going to be an inside furbaby. So he joined the rest of the rescues. Both Marks and I love this little boy and he’s gone through many health problems. This is just a little hiccup. He follows Marks around the house and usually sits on his desk with him. Makes it difficult to type as Bucky wants to look at kitty news LOL. This is the first really good pic we have of him. He used to be pitch black whiskers and all. Now he’s more mature and his whiskers and eyebrows have turned white. We both feel we have a lot to learn from animals. 🙂

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