4 comments on ““The Little Cloud who Could” in IR Film

  1. Hello Joey and Marks!

    I just love the heading you chose for this post – it fits the first photograph so beautifully!

    Hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend!

    Best wishes to you both


    • Ha ha Dries. I knew you would get it!! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day today and if it were only 10 degrees cooler it would be perfect. But perfect is only in South Africa….right? Wishing the three of you a perfectly relaxing weekend.


  2. I am still absolutely amazed at these IR photos. What a different look and perspective! They are so crisp and clean. Your smart car cloud made me laugh out loud! Perfect comparison!

    • Thanks sis. I thought it looked like a little cartoon cloud and should’ve had some great comment written in it but as it’s film, I’m not about to go and manipulate it in some photo editing program. The next lot of IR are drying in the darkroom and will be toned soon. Stay tuned and have a great weekend.

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