3 comments on “Princess Place Preserve and Bulow

    • Thanks Salty. While it’s still cool enough, we’ve been spending time photographing instead of blogging. I’m guessing you’re doing the same. Seems like there’s less people blogging these days 🙂

  1. Hi!! Sorry, I’ve been away for a while and I am just now catching up. Seems like I’m doing that more often these days… This is my first year blogging and with summer coming I find myself spending more time outside – gardening, swimming, what-not. And, I think you are right, there doesn’t seem to be as many people blogging right now. All the people from the ‘cold places’ must’ve thawed and are out shaking off the cabin fever or something. So, I guess it’s not the worst time to be slacking off. Ebb and flow, right!?!

    I hope ya’ll weather this lil’ tropical nuisance OK and are getting on well!
    All my best, Salty

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