4 comments on “Sometimes life just gets in the way of posting

  1. Thanks for the very special post dear Joey and Marks! What a blessing it continues to be to “know” you in this medium. Hopefully one day we’ll finally be able to exchange real handshakes!

    Just love the images of the nesting birds, and how fascinating to see that both species look very similar to birds we have here in South Africa – the wood stork looks very much like our yellow-billed stork for instance. There’s so much to learn and try to understand in nature.

    Stay safe and well dear Culvers!

  2. When I lived on Masirah Island the water got so hot it was impossible washing film – one time I didn’t let it run before using and just put the hose into the tank ‘reticulation big time’ never again ! lesson learnt the hard way 😦


    • Ah yes, I remember those wonderful hot days well. The water out of the tank on the roof which should have been the cold water was used as hot and the water in the hot water heater in the bathroom was used as cold. I can’t even imagine developing film in those tough conditions 😉


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