8 comments on “Florida Wildlife – The American Alligator

  1. Beautiful shots of fascinating animals, dear Culvers!

    I like the quicksilver-effect on the water, in especially the first shot with the throng of alligators. Wouldn’t want to fall in there accidentally 😉

    Are the wild alligators mainly fish-eaters, and would they also attack land animals (deer perhaps?) when they come to the water to drink, like our crocodiles do ?

    Hope you’re having a good week!


    • Thanks Dries. Wild alligators eat fish and crustaceans while they’re younger but as they get older they will eat anything and everything that crosses their path. They’ve been known to get into retention ponds on peoples’ property and eat family pets.

      Deer are certainly a target, but not as often as in Africa. Water is plentiful here so the animals don’t really have to go to a watering hole to drink. Wading and water bird species though are an easy target for them. They’re very similar to crocodiles in that respect. The alligator is just not quite as aggressive as a crocodile looking more for easier targets.

      Marks used to be a state trapper. He said that there have been times when a gator will tear a boat apart, or they can be very docile. It all depends on their mood (they don’t have that sunshine mentality for the most part).

      We’re having a good week for the most part. The koi pond is slowly returning to a more balanced environment and the fish are starting to eat again.

      The weekend is drawing near and I’m sure you’re looking forward to some R&R. Have a great rest of the day and enjoy the weekend.


      • Thanks for the insight Joey! It’s nice to get some first-hand knowledge about the wildlife of Florida.

        Now that’s something cool to have on your CV Marks – State Alligator Trapper! I’m sure you have many stories to tell!?

        Glad to hear that you’re winning the Koi pond battle!

        Have a good weekend dear friends!

      • Hi Dries,

        He has many interesting items to add to his CV, that was just one of them. One day I’ll tell you about all the others.

        Have a lovely weekend dear de Wet family. Hope you get out to enjoy it to the fullest.


  2. Oh my gosh! That’s a bunch of them! I’d think it would be pretty unnerving to be there taking pictures! You’d have to think twice about retreiving even one of your cameras if you dropped one by them!

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