9 comments on “New Smyrna Sugar Mill Ruins – Florida Historical

  1. I’m amazed by the rock. It must be terribly soft, but it has held up this long. Amazing! Beautiful shots and a beautiful spot.

  2. These ruins just scream out, pleading, to be explored – That’s thanks to your fantastic photographic talent and style dear Joey and Marks!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend – our’s is rapidly drawing to a close…

    • Aren’t they just amazing. For a young country there’s still a lot of history to be found. We’re both so glad you like it.

      Our weekend is nearly through as well. It’s still hot and exceptionally humid. Very uncomfortable outdoors.

      Enjoy the remainder of the weekend dear De Wets. Just think the new week will give you plenty of time to start planning another adventure 😉

      • Thanks Joey! Yep, we’re spending four days at home, and then heading to the Kruger Park again! 😉

        Hope you both have a nice week ahead, despite the uncomfortable weather

        Stay well dear friends!

      • Fantastic. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be able to do that. We’re still sweltering here. It’s an “eyeball sweating” kind of day. High humidity and high temperatures make for a very uncomfortable combination. Air conditioning feels good but both of us are getting cabin fever. Will be looking forward to your posts from Kruger!! Have a lovely short week 😉

    • Thanks very much. We’re both glad that you’re liking what you see. We try to capture Florida as we see it. In this digital age with HDR and lots of color we chose to concentrate on monochromatic film which gives you a chance to see texture and tone.

      Appreciate the follow a lot. Thanks Bulldog


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