15 comments on “Long Lost Image- Found

    • Wow……I’m so glad you like the post Marks did. I just came back from shopping and there it was. What a super surprise.. We only just found the negative that was taken on my first of three solo takeoffs and landings. Of course this had to be on the day that the wind favored the shortest and narrowest of runways. Talk about an adrenaline rush. After that everything else was really a piece of cake!! I loved my flying career but times changed, everything got really expensive and that meant I had to sell my baby.

      Hope you and your family have a super weekend.

      Best wishes,

      Joey 😉

    • Derek,
      Thanks so much for the very nice comment, glad you liked it, The really funny part of it is. We met on E Harmony. Who would know that Joey flew a Red and Black plane and I drove a custom built Red and Black Harley Davidson FXSTC. I am truly proud of her accomplishment in aviation.

  1. You really are a remarkably talented couple Joey and Marks, a match made in heaven. This is such an encouraging and uplifting story and we’re only too grateful that you’re sharing it with us!

    Stay well dear Culvers!


    • Thanks so much Dries. I’m sure you guys are the same. So happy to have met such wonderful people albeit virtually. Your warmth and super nature comes across in everything you write and post. Lovely. Wish we could all meet in person because I’m sure (even though we’re much older) that we’d have fun. Thanks for all the loyal following and the friendship you always extend to both of us. Have a lovely weekend.


      • We feel exactly the same way Joey, and yes it would be wonderful to spend some time together as our family shares so much of your and Marks’ interests and hobbies – nature, photography, aviation, you name it. One day!

  2. See what happens when you do something and ignore the people that say you can’t do it.

    Dreams do come true. Very cool.

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