10 comments on “Pioneer Settlement – Florida Historical

  1. We really enjoyed these historical artifacts you’ve shared. Not only are they beautiful pictures, they also walked us down memory lane. Some of the items in FL are very different than ours here in MT, and some very familiar. The wheels on the buggy sure caught my eye. They are so fine, delicate looking. I don’t think they would have held up to our Rocky Mountains or our mud!

    • So glad you enjoyed the Sis. I’m sure you’re right about the buggy wheels just as you would be right that us Florida folk wouldn’t be able to handle the weather in “Big Sky” country!! Today was our first cool day. Temps were supposed to be in the mid 70’s …..guess the forecasters really don’t have a clue cause I froze my tushy off on our long motorcycle ride today 😦

  2. What a magnificent share… I love all things old specially when my one Grandfather was a carpenter and the other a blacksmith… these just brought back memories of them both. I love your photography and lucky you weren’t locked into the stocks…

  3. I absolutely love these photos of way back. So glad that I don’t have a washing machine like that…. would love a few of those old chairs though.

    • Thanks so much Linda. I agree with you, sure glad I don’t have to do laundry like that. I do remember my mother having a wringer type of thingie like that with a handle on her old washing machine. Have a super weekend.


    • Thanks so much. If the weather ever gives us a break, we’re going back. This time with medium format. A photographer could shoot a many a roll of film there, and not get it all. It’s a great place. The work shops, tools and farming that is displayed there is exactly what I remember as a kid. I’ve worked in the same environment, used the same tools and implements so it’s a trip to the past.Have a great day. :-))

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