10 comments on “Alternative Process using Sunlight

  1. Wow Joey, what a creatively alternative “photographic” technique! The results are wonderful and these are definitely pictures that would brighten up any room.

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend despite the wet weather?

    Keep well and regards to Marks too!


    • Thanks very much Dries. Glad you like them. They were a lot of fun to do.

      The front that brought us so much rain and wind yesterday has now passed through bringing some much needed cooler temperatures.

      Our clocks are now back to winter time (I’ve never figured out why they still feel the need to do this…but then who asked me….right?)

      Have a lovely Sunday dear de Wet family.


  2. Wow, You both never cease to amaze me. Everyday stuff turned to art. Trippy cool art at that. Nice effects, love the ways you continue to experiment. Great work again.

    • Thanks Mike. Glad you like this. It’s fun to experiment but who would have thought you could get such cool color results from old black and white photo paper. Marks has fabricated a great frame for me to do these. Hope you have a great week 🙂

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