9 comments on “Amsterdam in analog black and white

  1. How glad am I that I switched on the laptop just now!

    Hi Joey!

    These shots of Amsterdam are just beautiful, not that we would’ve expected anything else 😉 !

    I must say that I actualy feel some kind of connectedness to Amsterdam, even though I’ve never been there – probably because of our Dutch ancestry. It would be wonderful to have you as a tour guide through old Amsterdam – your love for the city shines through in the post and photographs.

    It really is nice to get our first Culver Photography fix for 2014! May you and your blog go from strength to strength this year!

    Your SA friend, Dries

    • Baie dankie Dries 😉 . So glad you like them and I had an idea they would appeal to you 😉 . A lot of people born in South Africa have Dutch heritage. Lots of evidence of that in the Cape with their gabled houses.

      I was glad to get out of the incredible mass of people that day though. Very tiring. I’m not used to being surrounded by that kind of people mass. It was so incredibly busy I was ready to escape and find a quiet corner somewhere.

      Both of us are going to make an effort to keep up with blogging this year. 2014 has started out with a lot of electronic replacements. Marks’ motherboard crashed 😦 (new computer with the dreaded Windows 8), the aquarium pump (we lost all our fish in the aquarium) 😦 and a lot of other items. Hopefully that means that all the expenses will be over and done with in the first part of this year!!

      Have a happy weekend dear de Wet family

      Joey 🙂

    • Aangenaam kennis te maken Hans!! I’m not fond of cities myself, but Amsterdam has that certain something from a photographers perspective so well worth a visit. Just take lots of film and chose a better time of year than I did. Where do you live?

      Vriendelijke groetjes


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