8 comments on “Joey and a Harley

    • Thanks so much Lesley for your very kind comment. I had never ridden a motorcycle before this one and was always the passenger on the back. Not really “a special” birthday but Marks had promised me a motorcycle once we’d saved up enough money. As it was I had no idea that he was planning it this time around but I’m so happy he did. It’s totally different being at the controls and now I really don’t want to take a back seat anymore. Have a super weekend and thanks for the visit 🙂

  1. What a beautiful smile Joey, and you definitely look the part of “Biker Joey”. Job well done Marks!

    Fabulous that two such special people have so many mutual interests that they can share on a daily basis. You’re an example to us in so many ways.

    • Thanks so very much dear De Wet family. Marks wants to make sure that you listened to the video to hear the bike running. To my ears it sounds just like a big radial airplane engine. He grins from ear to ear every time he plays that on his I-phone 😉

      Have a beautiful week coming up.


      • We watched the short video of you getting the ‘plane” out of the ‘hanger” Joey, and wow! It does sound like a very powerful machine!

        Hope you and Marks also have a great weekend ahead!

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