6 comments on “Grieving for our special furbaby Bucky

  1. I am So very sorry Joey. I KNOW how much this hurts. But no matter how much it hurts you (us), it is doing the opposite for him. He no longer is in any pain or discomfort. God bless you. hugzzzzz Laurie

    • Many thanks Laurie. I know this was the right decision for him but he is so missed. The pain is very raw right now but I’m sure that time will show it was the right decision. Our little boy went through a lot this year all with good nature, trust and devotion. He didn’t complain just accepted. It was so hard to let go but his paw prints are etched into our hearts. He will not be forgotten

    • Thanks very much Dries, Marilize and Joubert. It’s been a tough year for our little boy. His beautiful nature throughout and his trust and devotion in us remained constant. He will remain forever in our hearts. Thanks again dear de Wet family

  2. So sorry to hear the sadness you are going through, the price we have to pay for having their love and devotion in our lives. Its never an easy process, by last boy cat Alvin died nearly 3 years ago aged 20 and it still hurts, still miss him so much. But we are able to do the kindness thing which is so valuable and I am sure they bless us for it. Enjoy the good memories ….. Make a book… Gather those photos …

    • Thanks so very much Lesley for your very kind words we both appreciate them so much. Bucky was very special to us. Through all his illnesses he remained a trusting and sweet boy never showing any frustration or a claw. I know time will heal the pain we feel right now, but we will never forget the love and devotion he showed us. Good idea about making a book. Thank you for that as well

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