11 comments on “Iron Horses – Live to Ride, Ride to Live

      • We’re enjoying great weather in Pretoria today Joey – We braai’d for lunch and dinner today! Still Saturday morning in Florida I suppose – does the weather look promising?

      • It’s cloudy, humid, hot and threatening rain but the forecasters have promised us temps in the 50’s tonight and in the 70’s tomorrow. We can only hold them to that and complain bitterly if they’ve got it wrong AGAIN!! We were going to ride today but there’s so much moisture in the air it could rain any minute and you know if we don’t go it won’t rain…..”Murphy’s Law”!!

  1. So glad to see you really enjoying yourself these days, Joey. Have as much fun as you can possibly stand. hugzzzzzzzzzzzz zuki

  2. I’d love a bike, but wouldn’t fancy riding it around here. Country roads would be a different matter, I’m sure you’ll have a great time on yours.

    • We do drive a lot of country roads and I have to admit as a new driver I do prefer that and get a little anxious when there’s a lot of traffic. So much to watch out for and so many people texting and not paying attention. Country roads are definitely more relaxing and there’s nothing like the feeling of the wind on your face riding on a bike 😉 It’s still a very new experience to me and I have to admit I love it. My hubby really spoiled me with that beautiful bike.

  3. Hi Sis!     We just got home from our trip late yesterday.  Got the camper and truck emptied and most stuff put away before calling it a day.  We were both bushed.  Three thousand miles with all the stops to visit can do that to you…     First time back on the computer since we left and found this wonderful post from you!  Great job!  We enjoyed both the write up and the gorgeous photos.  Of course having good subject matter sure helps with that!  Your machines look wonderful!  I had to share your post with Jerry too.     When we were in Eagle River, WI, there was a Harley parked out by the road with a for sale sign on it.  How could I not think of you both!!!  I don’t know the model of that one, just that it was of a vintage much older than yours and it was cream in color.  Actually it looked like the machines on the old CHiPS TV program – minus all the lights and sirens of course.  It also wasn’t nearly as shiny.       This morning we’re into getting the camper off the truck and probably putting the topper on it.  Have to get the cat out of there and put into the horse trailer.  The Cat House is parked in the machine shed and we don’t want to take the time to pull it out today so we could put the cat in.  Sounds like there’s some good weather coming so, if we take it out for a day ride, it will go into the Cat House then.  Jerry’s already got the tractor over in the loafing shed, so that’s out of the way.  Someplace in here I’ve got to think about getting some laundry done, etc.     Today is supposed to be Judy’s surgery.  Hope everything goes well for her and that the docs know their stuff.  It’s sure going to mean some major changes for her.  Wonder if she’s going to let me know how things go…     Well, Jerry’s off the phone so I can get my calls made.  I’d better get to it!  Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL day and not getting too much rain out of the storm that’s hitting so much of the country.Love you Sis!

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