12 comments on “Alternative Process – Kallitype

    • Thanks so much Dries. We’re having fun as well as some trials and tribulations with these alternative processes. A learning curve and both of us hope you’ll continue to enjoy our efforts as we endeavour to share our passion and our world with you. Have a lovely weekend dear de Wets 🙂


  1. These have such an antique-y feel to them! It’s like stepping back in time. Woods nymph eh? You guys crack me up!

    • Thanks Sister Sam. This process dates back to the 1800’s hence the antique look as well as the lack of super contrast. Chemicals have come a long way since then and then there’s digital with it’s uber sharpness. Have a good weekend sis :-)))

  2. Beautiful composition. Wonderful to see alternative processes in use today. Old art forms and mass media never completely disappears, it finds new niches in which to thrive.

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