8 comments on “Kallitype – some more from our darkroom and Bulow Woods

  1. The textures of the tree trunks are just so “real” with this new technique of yours, Marks and Joey! It’s as if you would be able to feel the bark if you touch the computer screen!

    Glad to know you could spend some time in the woods, and that without being sucked dry by the mosquitoes 😉

    Happy weekend to you too!

    • We’re both so glad that the texture comes across on the computer screen because it’s the softer detail and the texture that we’re aiming for. It’s perfect for tree roots and all the wonders of nature that both of us love. Thankfully the cooler temperatures have lessened the mozzies somewhat. Deet is still a requirement in our backpacks 🙂

  2. And of course, happy birthday to you Marks for tomorrow, and to you dearest Joey for Thursday! We hope your birthdays will be most enjoyable and that there will be many more to come, all blessed with happiness and good health!

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