10 comments on “Come and take a walk on the “Wild Side” of Florida with us

  1. What fun to go out with you two! Thank you for sharing the trip. I’m struck by the beauty as well as how different it is from anything we’ve ever seen! The whole gammit, marshes, swamps, bog holes, sloughs and woods are almost unreal by comparison with what you have. Enjoyed all the critters you photographed as well! I’m glad you posted these in color because it did give me such a distinctly different experience and feel for your area.

    • Thanks Sam. Glad you like this one. We thought it would b fun to take everyone along on one of these sorties. It’s a whole different side of Florida most tourists/visitors don’t ever see. The armadillo made enough noise that we thought there were at least some hogs around…..but no, just one very busy little armored dillo!! 🙂

    • Thanks Dries. Come on down (or would that be across?) It’s a far cry from the wilds of Africa but it has a beauty all its own. We’re setting up to try and get some shots of deer. That will mean sitting for hours in a tree stand and hoping to get lucky. Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

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