9 comments on “Visit to Tomoka State Park

  1. What great shots! I had to laugh at myself when suddenly I noticed that there were some color ones tucked in there. Then I had to go back and check them all again. Sure enough, some of the earlier ones were color as well only it was so muted by the fog that it didn’t dawn on me! You’re playing with my mind! Neat! It looks like a gorgeous area.

    • Thanks so much Sam. This is a gorgeous area indeed and the fog made for a superb experience. Yes, we’re playing a little with color (at least Marks is). I’m still more stuck in the monochrome mode with hints of a tint šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much guys. Tomoka State Park is about 8 miles from home which makes it a really easy place to get to. I used to cycle all the way to the entrance before I injured my wrist šŸ˜¦ With that injury I can no longer cycle that longer distance. I have to be content with walking a couple of miles šŸ˜‰


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