13 comments on “Visit to our Nation’s Oldest City – St. Augustine

  1. What a lovely selection Joey and Marks, and so informative! Here I always thought, entirely ignorant, that the oldest European settlements in the US would have been in the North-East, where the English settled!

    There’s just something so chilling about a graveyard in black-and-white… And there’s probably a few familiar “South African” surnames in the huguenot cemetary, seeing as so many Afrikaner families are also descendants of the French who fled religious persecution.

    • Thanks so much Dries. You’re right if we’d been allowed to get closer to those gravestones I’m sure we would have recognized some “Afrikaaner” names. Unfortunately all the historical graveyards are now locked as ignorant visitors didn’t respect the historical sites. That’s sad for us, because personally I love old graveyards 😉

  2. A real sense of Olde Worlde in the young United States. I particularly like the wooden architecture. Thank you for the visit. Out of interest, what were you shooting on?

    • Thanks for the visit and the comment Mike. St. Augustine is a neat old place. We were both shooting hand held Canon EOS Rebel 5ti with 18-55mm lenses 🙂 We’ve had to change to digital as the medium format cameras and all the equpment was getting too much to tote around for these kind of expeditions as well as those into the woods. We’re not getting any younger……sad but true 😉

      • Ah, interesting. But I see where you’re coming from… the lighter travelling, the better. I would have lent you my Olympus analogue had I known, which easily slips in a pocket. But certainly not medium format.

      • Hey Mike, Joey forgot to tell you, that as much as we love medium format, the cost of film and paper and chemicals cost skyrocketed to the point we thought long and hard and bit the bullet. This way we can continue with our photography which is something we both love.

      • Sure, it’s a very expensive business. Even having a couple of films developed is a treat. I hope you both are able to maintain your enjoyment of photography even in a more convenient format.

  3. Beautiful shots of a very intreguing place! I can see why it was on your gotta do list! Thank you so much for sharing the history as well as the pictures. What a treat!

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