4 comments on “Alternative Process- Kallitype Print

  1. It’s amazing to me how different these two pictures “feel”. The first one seems so warm almost to the point of being too hot and busy. The second gives a cool breeze feeling. I think both shots have equal detail, so it’s not that making the difference. I’ll probably enjoy the first one more on a cool, winter day. Today I wanted to linger on the second photo! My reaction to these two pictures made me smile. How interesting! What lovely work!

  2. So, so nice to “see” you and your wonderous images again, Joey and Marks! I hope you and the extended family are doing well?

    Sounds like an expensive method this, with gold, platinum and paladium being required to tone the image?

    • Thanks. It can be expensive. I use gold chloride/borax which lasts an extremely long time. But platinum and palladium are way out of my reach. The rest of the chemicals well affordable. This process is actually called the poor mans platinum print. If done right the two processes are indistinguishable. Keep up the good work in Kruger. For now, Marks and Joey

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