5 comments on “Kallitype- Bulow Swamp 2

  1. Interesting photograph and interesting history to boot! Who would look at this place and think “Ah! Let’s put a sugar plantation here!”? You are so right, it doesn’t look very hospitable to me either! I just looked at and read all the work that goes into making one of these prints. I’m so glad you have the patience and knack for it because the restults give us mere point and clickers a stunning insight into the area. Thank you!

    • Sam, Thanks so much for the nice compliment. The Kallitype process is not too hard, mix chemicals, coat paper. The timing is the hard part during the exposure. I’m using sunlight now and even that is not consistent. But its fun.

    • I was born to this type of woods life. But amazingly Joey will put on her snake boots and happily trek right off the trail and down into the woods, so much I have to go look for her. We had two cameras and tripods set up. I walked a little ahead and jumped a bunch of shoat hogs. They ran right at Joey and the cameras, never flinching but grabbing onto the tripods to keep them from being knocked over.
      Have a great weekend dear de Wets

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