About Marks and Joey Culver

Marks was born and raised in Holly Hill, Florida.  He grew up on a cattle, chicken and citrus ranch.  He is retired USMC and Law Enforcement.

Joey was born in the Netherlands and raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Southern Africa.  She holds a commercial pilots license and aircraft dispatcher’s license.

Both of us share a passion for photography. Recently we had to make a decision to change from analog film photography to digital. We could no longer afford the ever increasing cost of chemicals and paper. We are also getting older and the heavy camera equipment we used was just getting too much to tote around. Our new digitals are lighter and we now have the luxury of shooting more but still aim to keep our work in “the footsteps of the masters”. 

We are now going to go back to shooting some film that I can develop then scan for processing.

We both hope that when you visit our site you will enjoy what you see.  Feel free to leave us comments and follow us.


56 comments on “About Marks and Joey Culver

  1. Hi Joey … well, I finally found the place to leave a comment. First, I must say this entire blog is wonderful. You and Marks are very gifted and your pictures are total works of art. I was happy to see you finally had a good day for photography. The clouds rolling in are awesome and I love the old oak tree. Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I’m so glad that you like our work. I know what you mean about trying to find the place to leave comments. Even though I now know the site, I sometimes have problems on other blogs finding the comments section. I will let you know when we post some of the new stuff from Princess Place Preserve. Thanks again.


  2. Hi Joey and Marks,

    First, I love your blog and all the B&W shots. As someone who looks at a lot of Florida photography, its refreshing to see a different approach to nature photography, and I find myself focusing on entirely different things with photos in B&W. I can’t get enough of it! 🙂

    Second, is there an email address where I could reach one of you? I run a Florida outdoorsy website and am starting a series of profiles of interesting photographers (or, in your case, photography duos), and I’d be very interested in featuring you!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    Casey at Florida Adventurer

    • Thanks very much. We really appreciate your nice comments. Always nice to have our work appreciated. We strive to make our work distinctive and different and I’m glad you think we have succeeded. We will be posting new images soon as we’re working on 5 rolls of film in our dark room. The film developing is done and they’re awaiting contact sheets, proofs and final prints. Thanks again and have a great day.


    • Hi Casey,

      Sorry we didn’t see this comment till today. We’re happy that you’re considering featuring us.

      We just finished 5 rolls of film featuring some of the wilds around a couple of small lakes in the area. So as soon as the darkroom work is done on them they will be posted.

      We can be emailed at skramc@yahoo.com

    • SoundEagle agrees with Casey! We absolutely need diversity and different perspectives as well as fresh eyes on some age-old medium in photography and art.

      It also seems that Joey has a special fondness for the wildlife and surroundings in Southern Africa, and would like very much to be able to share them with Marks.

      Happy October to all of you and Bon Ami!

      • Thanks so much SoundEagle for the great comment received though floridaadventurer. Both of us really appreciate it. I do have an intense fondness for wildlife of all types, but especially that of Southern Africa as I grew up there. Africa just gets in your blood. I would dearly love to share that with Marks and that might happen some time in the future.

        Both of us wish you a wonderful weekend. Thank you again.


      • Indeed, Southern Africa does have some very unique habitats in which some special fauna as well as flora thrive. Some impressive flowering plants from the family proteaceae are similar to those in Australia. Many succulent species there are also very striking!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks very much for the comment.

      We are certainly open to discussing the purchase of the photograph as well as the possible hiring for a photo shoot. Please let us know what the best way of contacting you is.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Marks and Joey

    • Hi Jessica,

      We have been in touch with your assistant Kim. She advised us that you would not be interested as we are analog (film) photographers only and do no digital. Kim insisted that you were looking for digital only but if you’ve changed your mind, let us know.

      Marks and Joey

  3. hey, i just nominated you guys for the very inspiring blogger award on my blog – just in case you’d like to join 😉
    have a wonderful day,

    • Thanks so much Evelyn. So glad that you like us and our blog. Would love to know how to do this. I read the blurb on your blog but am still unclear. Maybe you could spell this out so we could join you in this venture. Congrats on being nominated.

      Marks and Joey

      • you’re welcome 🙂
        the blog awards are a nice and lovely gesture from other bloggers to show you that they like your blog (or find it inspiring), at least that’s how i understood the award-thing 😉
        it is very easy to participate, first you have to add the “inspiring blogger” image to you post and the rules of the award. then link back to the person who nominated you, or just mention who did it. then you should tell seven random facts about yourself… and last but not least it is your turn to nominate bloggers who in your opinion deserve the very inspiring blogger award. the rules say that you should nominate 15 other bloggers, but as you have to tell them all about it i decided to nominate just 12 or so because the telling takes a lot of time…. if you have any further questions, just ask 🙂

      • you’re welcome!
        that is good question, i for example googled it and downloaded it from google because i couldn’t download it from the blog of the person who nominated me.
        but i think the rules aren’t very strict, so if you don’t follow them 100% it won’t be a big deal…

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    • Dear Dries and Marilize,

      Thank you so very much for the nomination. Wow. We’re both flattered and humbled that you appreciate our work and our blog. You’ve made our day. Great news. Also totally unexpected getting another award so soon after the first one. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Marks and Joey

      • The pleasure is all ours dear friends! mjculverphotography will go from strength to strength and you will be getting many many more awards from many many more appreciative followers!

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    • Wow!!! Dries and Marilize. Thanks so very much. We’re honored and so appreciative. I will get started on that as soon as I catch my breath. Thanks so much in advance for being such great online friends and for appreciating our work and always boosting our morale. We sure do appreciate you and your wonderful work in promoting beautiful South Africa and its parks and wildlife.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Marks and Joey

      • Dear Marks and Joey

        There’s no question you deserve every positive comment coming your way – your work is beautiful and inspiring and shows the natural world in such a unique light. It’s a joy to be able to share a mutual love and respect for nature’s beauty with the two of you!

        Keep up the great work Joey and Marks – the world will be a poorer place without mjculverphotography!

        Dries, Marilize en Joubert

  7. I’m such a newbie when it comes to analog photography 😛 How interesting that you develop everything yourselves! I hope to learn it one day 🙂

    • I can honestly say that it’s a very rewarding experience. There is such a difference in film as opposed to digital and something extremely rewarding about the whole process from negative to silver gelatin print. If you get the chance I would highly recommend learning it. I wish I’d started when I was younger but never too old to learn…..right? 😉

      • Absolutely 😀 And I hope I’ll get the chance, because I’m starting to realize that developing at a shop is crazy expensive. I paid 100 $ for 23 pictures today and trying to recover from that now… I think it was the first and last films I developed in Oslo. I’d love to learn the art myself, but it seems one needs a lot of space (like a dark room)?

      • There’s a lot of people who develop their own film in a bathroom, kitchen, even a closet. That’s definitely not expensive and if you look online you’ll find lots of ideas on how to do this. Once you have the film in the negative form, that’s when you really need all that expensive equipment like an enlarger, photographic paper, paper developer etc if you want to end up with a silver gelatin print. However, what a lot of film shooters are doing these days is developing the film at home and then scanning the negatives with a film scanner into the computer which then converts them into a digital positive image that you can then edit in a photo editing program. There are quite a few different types of film scanners, some of which aren’t that expensive. The only editing that really needs to be done in most cases is an adjustment of the levels in the histogram as you lose some of the resolution through the scanning process. WOW $100 for 23 photos – that’s insanely expensive. If you’re interested I’ll get with hubby and send you a link on how to set up a “closet” type darkroom for developing film.

      • OK – will send you the link shortly. Hubby Marks had one bookmarked for you. What country are you in? Just want to make sure that what we send you will be something you can get wherever you are.


      • ks3nia,
        Hi, developing film is pretty easy.Once you get a tank, spools and chemicals you should be able to develop about 20 rolls of film for about 20-25 dollars. A good idea would be to get a plastic tank to develop 1 roll of 120 film, 2-3 reels( plastic reels have to be very dry to load film so if you’re going to develop more than one roll at a time its best to have a couple spools..You’re shooting color so you would need to buy the C41 kits. They’re simple to use and the directions are easy to follow. Here is one link Or just search developing C41 film at home.in your computer http://www.petapixel.com/2012/10/26/how-to-process-your-c-41-film-at-home/
        The one really important note is the film must be loaded into the tank, which is light tight, in total darkness. A closet usually works just make sure no light leaks in . Once the film is in the tank, the film can then be developed in the bathroom or kitchen, where you have a source of both hot and cold water. i don’t know what part of the world you are in so I cant suggest any suppliers for the tank and chemicals.Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions and we’ll be glad to try and answer them.


  8. I think your photography is just outstanding, and although we meet over my Rhodesia 9/11 post I’m glad we have.. you will see a lot of me on your site… look forward to your posts…

  9. Hello, and how wonderful to find people who are so passionate about analogue, especially black and white. I am a lover of medium format also (I’m a rollei user), although I’m sorry to say I no longer have the time or resources to print my own work, so it’s digital all the way for practical reasons I’m afraid. However, I look forward to following and learning more – Emily

    • Hi Emily,

      So nice to hear from you. Both of us can certainly understand the need to go with the big D for practical reasons. We’re lucky in that we have our own darkroom and are both retired giving us the time to print our own work. We both just had a look at your site and love your work. A lot of the time it’s just photographing what you love and your love shows through. Your close up images are very nice indeed. Thanks so much for the visit and we both look forward to seeing more of your work.

      Marks and Joey

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    • Thanks so much dear de Wets for thinking of us so highly and for being such good internet friends. As much as we would like to participate we just cannot find the time to do so. We do appreciate you guys very much and always look forward to your brilliant posts. Best wishes to you from both of us.

      Marks and Joey

      • Absolutely no problem at all guys, we get our fix everytime you post anything 😉

        Have a nice weekend, hope your weather gets good enough so you can get out into the woods for those deer and hog photos you promised!

      • Right now it’s windy and cold with a grey blanket of clouds over the sun. We’re hoping this weekend will be better but it’s been a long February. Of course we can’t complain we haven’t had the several feet of snow they’ve had up North of here. Have a wonderful weekend dear de Wets 🙂

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