10 comments on “Reflections in the Creek

    • Agreed, now that I see the results. At the time my feet and body would have disagreed. It was tough going in that terrain but the results have proved so worthwhile. Have a great day Salty.


    • Isn’t it beautiful. However, the trek to try and get there was anything but. More like a natural obstacle course. Balancing on a 4 inch rotten beam to try and get across the ditch weighted down with heavy backpacks and tripods. Then negotiating the overgrown terrain and avoiding encounters with wild hog. We did get to see a couple of really good sized hog that day. That was exciting. In the back of my mind was “how do I get up a tree with all this gear on my back”. Have a great rest of the week Dries.


    • Thanks so much Toad. We sure are loving this tanol developer and it’s working some real magic on our negatives enabling us to really showcase the details with the toning during printing.


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    • Thanks you so very much for your wonderful comment we are both pleased and humbled by such high praise. Sure does make our work in film worthwhile.

      Have a great weekend.

      Marks and Joey

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